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Straight Tooth Bevel Gears
Miter Gears
Internal Gears
Metallic Spur Gears
Non-Metallic Spur Gears
Gear Racks
Pinion Rods
Worms and Worm Gears

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Bevel & Miter Gears

  • For right-angle (90° ) intersecting shafts
  • Straight tooth, Coniflex (Gleason Works) form
  • Bevel gear ratios up to 5:1
  • Miter gear ratios 1:1
  • Brass and steel materials

Worm & Worm Gears

  • Gears listed are Right Hand. Left Hand are available upon special request.
  • Steel worms are generally recommended as they are subjected to considerably more wear than the mating worm gear.
  • Single thread worms give the same reduction as the number of teeth in the gear.
  • Double thread worms give a reduction of one-half the number of teeth in the gear.
  • Quadruple thread worms give a reduction of one-quarter the number of teeth in the gear.

Spur Gears

  • For parallel shafts
  • Materials of brass, steel, cast iron and phenolic (bakelite)
  • 4 DP to 48 DP ( up to 64 DP custom)
  • 14.5° Pressure Angle (20° custom)
  • Matching Rack made of brass or steel
  • Pinion Rod - 48 to 24 DP

Helical Gears

  • For parallel shafts & 90° non-intersecting shafts
  • 45° Helix Angle
  • 14.5° Pressure Angle (20° custom)
  • 24 TDP to 6 TDP (Transverse Diametral Pitch)
  • Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Hardened Steel

Internal Spur Gears

  • For parallel shaft applications
  • 48 to 10 Diametral Pitch
  • Brass and steel for catalog gears
  • Permits greater reduction in a smaller space